Handmade Wedding Stationery – Save vs Splurge

Do you want to have beautiful stationery but want to spend wisely?  Here are some tips for you –

If you really want to impress your guests with beautiful handmade stationery, but feel your budget is stretched, don’t bother sending save the date cards! Most guests will appreciate an email or even a group set up on social media, and it leaves you with additional budget for your invitations and any other ‘on the day’ items you may require.  Take time to consider what items of stationery you really want or need.

Professional printing companies charge per sheet of stock they are printing onto.  Whilst we do charge for printing your inserts and any additional information sheets, we will do this the most cost effective way whilst maintaining a professional finish.  One way to save is to add a pocket to your card and have your additional information printed on good quality paper instead of ‘stepped’ card inserts.  These can then be tied together with ribbon (see our Phoebe design).  If you have a short poem or a few words regarding presents we can put this on the same sheet as your RSVP with a perforated tear off slip for the RSVP.

Our house collections, a range of pre-designed stationery, will have the text of your choice, and you can change the colours, embellishments, base card etc. to maybe save some money and they can be made to match your wedding details.  Whilst not a custom design, this option allows you to still have beautiful stationery.  Our evening invitations can also be adapted to wedding invitations, especially the postcard flat style.  These again will work out cheaper but still give a luxury feel to them.

Finally, if you have purchased your invitations with an on-line stationery company and just want handmade stationery for your venue dressing we are happy to design something to co-ordinate with your wedding invitations and/or your venue dressing.

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