Handmade Stationery – How Much Does it Cost?

When it comes to handmade stationery for your wedding the world really is your oyster.  The creativity that stationers have is endless.  For some people there is a misconception that wedding stationery is overpriced and a waste of money.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you are considering your wedding stationery, it’s important to remember it’s not as simple as popping into a high street store and purchasing a printed card.  For the most part, we are talking about creating something that’s completely unique to you for your big day.  When it takes a while to get a quote from your chosen stationer it’s usually because we have to speak to a lot of different suppliers, or do lots of research with different suppliers to get the best possible price for you and source any special tools we may need.  Anything done by hand will cost you.  A lot of creativity, love, time, effort and patience goes into producing beautifully made wedding stationery (and we often don’t get paid for all the time we actually put in!).  Work out what you can and can’t afford beforehand and don’t ask for all the pretty things – maybe include just one amazing detail.  Here at Wedding Stationery Direct we believe that often ‘less is more’.  We are happy to discuss ways you could save money on the design you would like.  Some stationers charge for the design/print set up especially if they are hand-painted, hot foiled, or professionally printed images and the cost for this can be upwards of £300.00.  You then have to add on personal detail printing, any hand-finishing (including materials) and delivery on top of this cost.  Here at Wedding Stationery Direct, for bespoke stationery we will research the internet for any specific tools or embellishments that may be required for your design and work with you to create your vision.  We don’t charge for any time spent designing and researching – we only make a charge for the time spent making and printing your stationery (unless you choose NOT to use us after all the hard work – then any time spent working on your design will be chargeable as well as any tools and materials that have been purchased specifically for your design).

If you choose us as your stationers we strongly advise our clients to consider what items of stationery they require (from Save the Date and Invitations through to Table Plan, Table Numbers & Place Cards etc.).  We like to order all the required materials at the same time to ensure colour, shade and quality matching for paper and card and it also guarantees the availability of any embellishments required.  It will also save you money. Any discounts we receive from our suppliers for larger orders are passed on to our clients in our quotations.  We try to keep our prices as fair as we can.

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